The Preferred Choice

Vast years of extensive experience in Work Comp, Case Management, Disease Management, Utilization Review and Prior Authorization.

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The Preferred Choice

Over 20 years vast extensive experience in Work Comp, Case Management, Disease Management, Utilization Review and Prior Authorization.

…or call (407)760-1662



“I returned to work full duty on 6/18/20. Thank you for doing a great job. I enjoyed having someone who actually cares about the people they are assigned. It was a pleasure to have you in my corner.”

“Thank you, Rosie, for the attention that you gave my case. I will drop you a line in the future if I have any more questions. Stay safe.”

“I am glad that I had you as my nurse, you really helped me out and probably saved my life because I was getting frustrated and gave up with my blood pressure but you stayed on my case about my blood pressure until the doctor changed my medicine. Thank you again for everything.”

“Thank you for keeping in touch with your efforts, you are very appreciated.”

“Thank you for your help, I know it was a rather thankless job at the weirdest time ever the COVID-19 pandemic. But I am thankful for you.”

“Thank you for all you did to help me with my case.”

“We appreciate your knowledge, hard work, and dedication which definitely makes a difference in delivering quality care to our customers. Thanks again for all you do.” – Travelers Claims Dept

“It has been such a pleasure to work with you. I really appreciate your dedication and determination to do a great job for our clients.” – SP/Travelers Insurance

“When I came in this evening, I noticed that you were still working, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your efforts and dedication.” – Novaeon Insurance

“I want to recognize your outstanding and aggressive file management. Terrific job trying to work with an uncooperative doctor and keeping on top of the medical issues as well as the claims issues. Thanks for a great job!” – Travelers Insurance

“Rosie has been in contact with me several times and has been most helpful. She is to be commended on her follow through, her interest and her concern and I sincerely appreciate her time and attention. She is absolutely great. She not only follows procedures to help but goes beyond the call of duty.”

“Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to switch claims today and take on the Puerto Rico claim. Because you can speak Spanish this will help keep costs down which we would have had to pay for translation.” – SR/Travelers Nurse Manager

 “Rosie is always great to work with and very approachable if I have questions or concerns. I hope that she will be on all my files.” –  Travelers Claims Examiner

 “Needless to say, you are one of my favorite nurses and without a doubt my favorite dancing nurse. As far as the file review, I could not have done it without you. Thank you again and if I am blessed enough to get the CAE position, the sad part will be not working with you on files.” – Travelers Claims Examiner

 “You did an absolutely wonderful job with all of my folks. Really great colleagues are such a blessing and you were. I cannot thank you enough!” – Leave and Disability Specialist/Times Publishing Company.

 “Very much appreciate all that you do!” – Scott Insurance Company

“The ACHA audit is over and we passed with no recommendations. Your files were part of the audit and you did a great job on the files chosen.” – Travelers Insurance

“This is a great file, you really did a nice job.” – St Paul Travelers Insurance 

“Thank you for your professional expertise in resolving a claim. Great job!”  Travelers Insurance 

“You are doing an awesome job with all your members. Your care plans and activity notes are detailed and paints a good picture of your member’s needs and concerns. They should be happy, they have you involved in their care!” – Omega Healthcare.

We appreciate you and I thank you for your dedication to your members and Omega. Well done and recognition well deserved!! Omega/Nurse Manager

We can tell that you love your clients and that you are a true nurse at heart. We need more of you in the profession. Looking forward to your continued years with Omega/Nurse Manager


Worker’s Compensation Nurse Advocate

Have you recently been injured on the job, and you do not know what the first steps are after you report the injury to your job?

Are you waiting for direction on where to receive initial treatment or a referral to a specialist, but you do not know where to go or where to start?

Your nurse advocate can help you get started so that you receive the correct treatment with the right provider.

Your insurance company often leaves finding a provider up to you and this can cause delays in you receiving treatment due to not being able to find a doctor.

When you are injured at work, this can be extremely difficult and cause undue stress. You may not be able to return to work because of the injury causing you to lose income all while being injured.

Here at JRM Nurse Consultants our nurses are very caring and experienced in the field of work comp to be able to assist you in finding the right provider for your injury when your insurance company asks you to find a provider.

Our nurses will be able to attend appointments with you if you so desire to be your advocate to help you receive the correct treatment that will help you return to your pre-injury job as soon as you are physically able.

Our nurses also collaborate with your employer to facilitate a return to work in a lighter duty capacity when available.


There are many injuries that we see from slip and falls, heavy machinery accidents, company vehicle motor vehicle accidents, repetitive type injuries, and exposure injuries , as well as presumption injuries for certain careers.

Why work with an outside nurse? Shouldn’t my insurance company take care of all of this?

At JRM we do a basic consultation to introduce our services to you at no cost to you. If you are willing to collaborate with a nurse, you can ask your insurance carrier to cover the cost of the nurse or you can privately pay for the service.

We offer in depth consultation to lead you on the right path to where you can go to receive treatment so that your insurance company covers the visit for you.

Our Nurses are experienced in work comp and a liaison between the carrier, the employer, and the injured worker to facilitate services for you.

Our nurses treat all injured workers with the respect and dignity that they deserve during this traumatic healing process.

Our nurses are bilingual to help you understand your treatment plan of care and communicate your needs to all parties involved.

Here at JRM Nurse Consultants we strive for being responsive and keeping you updated in everything that is regarding your case that the nurse can assist you in.

This is what we do:

  • 9Attend doctor's appointments with patients
  • 9Customize care plans for patients
  • 9Support for all parties involved in injury cases
  • 9Referrals for medical equipment, medical supplies, home care, and community resources
  • 9Work safety management
  • 9Review treatment care plans and develop new ways to ensure the patient’s well-being and safety
  • 9Provide an insider’s view on medical issues to legal professionals
  • 9Help injured workers safely return to work when possible.
  • 9Pre and post hospital stay patient education
  • 9Telephonic patient assessments to determine need
  • 9Referrals to in-network providers
  • 9Home care services cost negotiation
  • 9Patient family education on treatment and insurance coverage
  • 9Lifestyle change and behavior modification support

…and more.

  • hNurse writer services

Assisting readers in adding depth to their clinical knowledge through a focus on ethics, leadership and critical thinking. 

Want writing samples? Check out my nurse blog:


Without some degree of compassion, the nursing field would hit rock bottom, and insurance companies would grind to a halt.

In the process of gaining extensive experience providing high-quality care to injured workers with the Department of Labor, I became preferred as the nurse of choice in several doctor’s offices.  The  reviews I have recieved from superiors and physicians as well as the injured workers and their supporting agencies continue to be phenomenal.

I enjoy working with injured workers. I have worked in both the telephonic and field aspect of case management. 

Compassion and dedication are the keys to being a successful nurse consultant. This is why I give my maximum effort and focus when comforting and caring for every single injured worker I encounter. Indeed, I am keen in supporting all parties involved in the injury case.

My professional background and personal approach empower my performance. I am immensely grateful for every opportunity to serve.  Thank you for reviewing my JRM Nurse Consultants. I look forward to speaking with you soon.    

Qualifications & Credentials

Experienced, Professional and Passionate.

Professional Profile

  • Over 20 years vast extensive experience in Work Comp, Case Management, Disease Management, Utilization Review and Prior Authorization
  • Over 10 years’ proven success and result in strategic leadership and management and ability to provide a chronology of the file with future medical in various healthcare settings
  • Strong knowledge in Medicare, Medicaid and various insurance types such as disability and worker’s compensation
  • Bilingual Spanish Native and certified through Berlitz
  • Preferred provider Department of Labor


Multistate License, RN 


Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Doctorate of Nurse Practice

Valencia College, Orlando FL
Legal Nurse Consultant Certification

Phoenix University, Orlando, FL
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bergen College, Paramus, NJ
Associates of Applied Sciences, RN

  • hROSIE MOORE - Nursing Textbook Contributor

Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care

Sixth Edition

In the Community


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