What does a Nurse Consultant do and what Results can I expect.

Nurse consultants are nurses who usually identify a problem or challenge that needs immediate attention for an organization to resolve.  A nurse consultant can assist with improving the quality of patient care while maximizing cost savings and helping to prevent re-hospitalization. A nurse consultant functions as an advocate, educator, and facilitator to ensure that the clients receive the appropriate care at the right time, in the correct setting, and at the right cost.

A nurse consultant will contact a client before an elective hospital admission to ensure that they are prepared for their recovery once they are home.  Following a hospital stay, a nurse consultant will contact the client to assess their understanding of their discharge medications and treatment plan as they transition back to their home.

Return to Work Safely – This is accomplished by focusing on the correct care that the injured worker needs and collaborating with the employer to accommodate work restrictions.

Reduced Costs – Establish a plan of care that will lead to a release to work light and full duty, while receiving the appropriate care.

Clear Communication – This is accomplished with written documentation for the parties involved. There will also be written appointment summaries following an appointment so that the appropriate actions can be taken.

What happens if the
problem is not addressed?

When injured workers are not referred to the nurse consultant immediately following an injury, this can cause a delay in treatment or improper treatment which will lead to high medical cost levels and a dissatisfied injured worker and employer.

  • It can cost the organization money.
  • It can impact the organization’s reputation.
  • It can cause the organization to be at risk of losing funding, accreditation, or licensing.

Rosie Moore
Nurse Consultant

20+ years of experience in Work Comp, Case Management, Disease Management, Utilization Review and Prior Authorization.

Years of proven success and results in strategic leadership and management and ability to provide a chronology of the file with future medical in various healthcare settings.

Strong knowledge in Medicare, Medicaid and various insurance types such as disability and worker’s compensation.

Bilingual Spanish Native and certified through Berlitz.

Preferred provider Department of Labor.

We have years of experience in Work Comp, Case Management,
Disease Management, Utilization Review and Prior Authorization.

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